About the Calendar

The BioMed Calendar provides a general view of seminars and other events hosted by 4 bioresearch facilities the University of Copenhagen; Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), The Danish Stem Cell Center (Danstem), Center for Protein Reseach (CPR), Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA) and The Danish Cancer Society - Kræftens Bekæmpelse.

If you have questions concerning a specific event, please look up the contact person at the bottom of the event presentation.For general questions concerning the calendar, please contact webmaster Anne Rahbek-Damm anne.rahbek@bric.ku.dk 

The contributors

The Danish Center for Stem Cell Research - Danstem

With the overall goal of developing new stem cell-based therapeutic approaches for diabetes and cancer, DanStem addresses basic questions in stem cell and developmental biology and seeks to identify the factors that govern the development of different cell types in the body.

Center for Protein Research - CPR

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research has been established at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, to promote basic and applied discovery research on human proteins of medical relevance.

Center for Healthy Aging - CEHA

Center for Healthy Aging is a research centre at University of Copenhagen that focuses on interdisciplinary ageing research for the advance of better health and reduced frailty.

Biotech Research & Innovation Centre - BRIC

BRIC is a centre of excellence for biomedical research. The scientists in the centre focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to various diseases, including cancer, CNS-related diseases and metabolic diseases.

The Danish Cancer Society

The Danish Cancer Society is a patients association that aims to prevent the development of cancer, improve patients’ chances of successful recovery and limit the physical, psychological and social side-effects of cancer. The Danish Cancer Society runs its own research centre composed of seven research units, a unit of biostatistics, and an animal facility. The centre employs approximately 120 researchers of more than 20 nationalities and has an annual production of 250-300 publications in the peer-reviewed, international literature.